Actiontec c1000a firmware revision

Actiontec c1000a firmware revision


GPL Code Download Center.Download CenturyLink Actiontec CA WiFi Modem Firmware L for OS Independent


4. Select “Upgrade Firmware”. 5. Check the “Upgrade Status”. If the upgrade status reveals: Upgrade Firmware check out the next step to upgrade the firmware. – Firmware is as much as date or N/A you might be done. 6. To download the latest firmware, you can: find the “Download” button when you look at the modem. Actiontec GPL Code – Down Load Center. GPL Code Install Center. Begin Here. to quickly find product by design quantity. C Series Devices CA-CA CA CA CA CA. Feb 01, �� We here at Actiontec Technical Support consider the CA becoming an archived item and also to the best of our knowledge, no brand-new firmware is going to be circulated because of this product. If you should be leasing that device from Centurylink i suggest either having them replace these devices or improving believed Reading Time: 6 mins.


Actiontec c1000a firmware enhance.Actiontec CA CenturyLink Upgrade Firmware Router Screenshot –

1. mouse click “Download” to install the firmware to your PC. Download 2. Click “Browse”, then select the installed file 3. Select “Upgrade Firmware” to begin with the update. Update Firmware Update Reputation: No Upgrade in Progress Upgrading Firmware. Please wait. Firmware Enhance . Always check to see if you wish to upgrade the modem’s firmware. You could also download the existing firmware utilizing the link below. Chrome users, correct click on the firmware link and choose “Start link in a new tab.” Download the newest firmware when it comes to CA. Feb 03, �� NOTE: In the event that firmware version number is RED this could indicat e a recently released revision. When you observe that a new upgrade is present at that time you’re going to have to demand item page for that unit in order to find the “Firmware” section and follow the steps there to download and install that ted learning Time: 30 secs.
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StuartMW to cgreene. I see that there is new firmware designed for the CA. I will be making use of a CZ now but have a CA on standby.

Does the new firmware number attenuation and loop length available? Just wondering. StuartMW Premium Member join simply updated to firmware CAC Many thanks for publishing. I have only had this modem for around 6 months and also have never ever updated it’s firmware before. Considering this post: � Intermittent DSL problems it looks like it does show attenuation and cycle length numbers, and so they may have sort of fixed the usage metering problems that the Ca had before where in fact the meter was really more like a speedometer or tachometer than an actual record of simply how much you’ve found in each and every day or perhaps in total.

Yes, thats what I am wanting. Hate to turn on the CA if the CZ has been doing so excellent. No issues updated the firmware. It will appear the new firmware ended up being updated becoming more appropriate for VDSL2.

But with CAC Chongo join Phoenix, AZ. After the firmware updates, this not takes place. This also affected the CA within my mama’s household.

Install security digital camera within the storage or not? Spectrum vehicle drives into house, parks in basement. Mosquito repellent? Shape-shifting computer system chip thwarts an army of hackers [ Security ] by former qwest Any term on Multi Gigabit?? StuartMW Premium Member join 1 recommendation. Change went fine. Never see any changes. Chongo join Phoenix, AZ 1 recommendation.

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