Divinity original sin zandalor trunks

Divinity original sin zandalor trunks


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Divinity: Initial Sin (Classic) Zandalor’s Trunks: They Are Like Magnets, Just How Do They Work? I’ve got the trunks and I have no clue what they’re supposed to do. Do I wear them (i will be)? It’s never said something, insofar when I can tell. Showing of 16 comments. ninjadan. Sep 11, �� Zandalor’s Trunks are a distinctive bit of armor (belt), an element of the Source Hunter DLC pack. When used they’ll provide a commentary on some of the players actions (like stealing) as well quest outcomes and death’s of the most important NPC’s. Records. This product will show up in your stock from the beginning, provided you’ve purchased the origin Hunter DLC pack. Jun 08, �� Larian Studios Forums Divinity – Original Sin Divinity – Original Sin – General Zandalor’s Trunks – do I need to use them? Forums Calendar Active Threads: Previous Thread: Next Thread: Print Thread: Zandalor’s Trunks – do i have to use them? # 06/08/14 are. Joined: Oct


Divinity original sin zandalor trunks.Zandalor trunks | Divinity Wiki | Fandom

I’ve got the trunks and I have no idea what they’re expected to do. Do I put them on (I am)? It’s never said something, insofar when I can tell. Divinity: Original Sin (Classic) Zandalor’s Trunks: They Truly Are Like Magnets, Just How Can They Work? I have got the trunks and I have no idea what they’re designed to do. Do I wear them (i will be)? It’s never said anything, insofar when I can inform. Showing of 16 opinions. ninjadan. Jun 07, �� Larian Studios Forums Divinity – Original Sin Divinity – initial Sin – General Zandalor’s Trunks – do i must wear them? Forums Calendar Active Threads: Previous Thread: Next Thread: Print Thread: Zandalor’s Trunks – do I need to use them? # 06/08/14 was. Joined: Oct Blogs: Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes.
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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Divinity: First Sin Traditional. Global Achievements. I got the trunks and I do not know whatever they’re likely to do. Do I put them on i will be? It’s never said a thing, insofar as I can inform. Showing 1 – 15 of 16 reviews. I happened to be wondering this myself.

I believe you’ll get extra action points in the event that you use them. I’m wearing all of them back at my toon. These are generally expected to speak? I dont understand my self. The Grail, you simply grab and, while keeping it, click on an item of armor.

It just works on armor plus it will not show any distinction. You know it does the job as you watch the worthiness associated with product increase when it’s done. Dukat See Profile View Blogs.

Where did you get the trunks? I expected it in my inventory but it is not there. Originally posted by Dukat :. Zyeox See Profile View Blogs. Yea I see no grail either? I’ve the trunks and so they do not talk aswell. Both products were during my primary character’s stock once I produced my profile and started a new online game. I’ve all of them too, neither have actually stats or appear to impact something. What are they for? Supposedly they patched it now.

But I don’t know very well what it did, however. Cow View Profile View Posts. Inarie See Profile View Posts. Hrm, i simply believed my personality had been usually the one saying those actions, lol.

Now you mention it though, once I started to believe they just didnt do anything last but not least took them down, my character did end saying those activities when I stole things. Originally posted by Cow :. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 30 Jun, pm. Posts: Discussions Rules and Recommendations. Note: This is to be utilized to report junk e-mail, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

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