Gigabyte h97 gaming 3

Gigabyte h97 gaming 3


Will you be an individual?.GA-HGaming 3 (rev. ) Overview | Motherboard – GIGABYTE U.S.A.


GA-HGaming 3 (rev. ) Las motherboards G1™ Gaming de GIGABYTE estan equipadas con la tecnologia exclusiva AMP-UP sound de GIGABYTE, que proporciona el mas alto nivel de caracteristicas y tecnologias de audio en la industria. In regards to the Gigabyte GA-HGaming 3. View the manual when it comes to Gigabyte GA-HGaming 3 here, free-of-charge. This manual comes underneath the category Motherboards and has now already been ranked by 1 people with on average a This manual comes in the next languages: Engels%(1). Mas Informacion


Gigabyte h97 gaming 3.GA-HGaming 3 (rev. ) Help | Motherboard – GIGABYTE Global

Buy Now: this awesome product ONLY US $!Promo: Discount 40% GA-HGAMING 3 For Gigabyte Socket LGA I. About the Gigabyte GA-HGaming 3. View the manual for the Gigabyte GA-HGaming 3 here, 100% free. This manual comes underneath the group Motherboards and has now been ranked by 1 individuals with an average of a This manual comes in the next languages: Engels%(1). Mas Informacion

GA-HGaming 3 (rev. ) Overview | Motherboard – GIGABYTE Global

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Core i7 overclocked to 5.5 GHz on ASUS Rampage II Extreme
03.12.2021 [14:00],
Ruslan Tsap
The press service of ASUSTeK Computer launched with undisguised pride that its new motherboard ASUS R.O.G. Rampage II Extreme running on Intel X58 Express + ICH10R Chipset Selected to create New World Overclocking Record for Serial Intel Core i7 Extreme 965 Processor.
Based on the info announced when you look at the posted formal report, the amazing result was attained by a respected Japanese enthusiast in overclocking circles nicknamed duck, who, according to their rich expertise in cryogenic overclocking, surely could increase the clock speed associated with the above-mentioned processor chip to 5510.09 MHz. Recall that the moderate operating frequency with this 45nm quad-core Socket LGA1366 processor is 3.2 GHz. By the way, this is not the initial world-record for a veteran Japanese overclocker. Therefore, last year he been able to overclock the Intel Pentium 4 631 processor right up to 8180.4 MHz!
As you can see through the screenshot, the champ used a configuration of three GeForce GTX 280 visuals adapters in a 3-Way SLI bundle, along with a three-channel DDR3 memory kit with a number of 3072 MB from A-DATA Technology.
In accordance with the representatives of ASUSTeK Computer, the ASUS R.O.G. Rampage II Extreme progressive developments, including such proprietary technologies as ASUS ProbeIT (assumes the clear presence of unique contact shields from the board for measuring voltages using a multimeter) and ASUS TweakIT (lets you dynamically boost voltages making use of buttons and a toggle switch on the board). Additionally shows the presence in the kit of a small additional component Liquid Crystal Display Poster, from the display of that your most critical data in regards to the state of this system are presented in real-time.
For the time being, a video clip from the achievements of another overclocker, nicknamed Fugger, appeared on YouTube, to who Intel offered especially selected Core i7 Extreme 965 processors to ensure that he could, after disabling the thermal defense mechanisms, overclock one of these under liquid nitrogen to a regularity of 7.0 GHz at the convention CES 2021. In this video, Fugger along with his peers illustrate in the Intel Desktop Board DX58SO that one of those select potato chips is overclocked to 5.0 GHz with air air conditioning, and then to 5.67 GHz using a phase change cooling system that maintains temperatures below -100. degrees centigrade.
Now a really reasonable question arises, so who is the champ all things considered??
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– Phenom II X4 chips overclock beyond 5 GHz;
– Enthusiasts overclock Intel Atom N270 to 2.385 GHz!.

  • ASUSTeK Computer

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