Halo and star wars

Halo and star wars


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Andromeda Wars: A Halo-Star Wars Crossover by T.R. Keyes reviews A UNSC/Sangheili expedition to your Andromeda galaxy causes the creation of a fertile and golden world know as Cresh. An initial contact between the UNSC while the Rebel Alliance leads to cooperation involving the two forces, but the threat of the Galactic Empire looms throughout the fragile individual colony. May 14, �� The Walking Dead moves to Star on Disney+; Star Wars: Droids coming to Disney+; DualSense controllers get ‘galaxy’ theme; See you at the Marvel flicks! Netflix’s Masters for the Universe first look; 20 years of Xbox and Halo; Star Wars Celebration returns May ; An Arthurian story within the Green Knight; Star Wars: Andor shooting on Jurassic Coast. The Halo ended up being an SS attack ship owned by the Zabrak bounty hunter Sugi during the Clone Wars. During the period of the Galactic Civil War, this ship arrived to the control of Sugi’s niece, Jas Emari.


Halo and star wars.Generation Star Wars: 20 years of Xbox and Halo

Nov 10, �� Unfortunately, the firepower that Star Wars vessels have would probably eventually overwhelm the Halo ships. In terms of ground battles get, that could get either way. Clone trooper armor could probably deflect UNSC rounds, provided that it’s not a comparatively direct hit. Star Wars may possibly win though, seeing as they’ve more complex tanks. May 14, �� The Walking Dead moves to Star on Disney+; Star Wars: Droids arriving at Disney+; DualSense controllers have ‘galaxy’ theme; See you at the Marvel flicks! Netflix’s Masters associated with Universe very first look; two decades of Xbox and Halo; Star Wars Celebration returns May ; An Arthurian story within the Green Knight; Star Wars: Andor filming on Jurassic Coast. Feb 26, �� Halo is renowned for its strategic edge over their opponents. If Halo managed to capture Star Wars forces down before ever coming one on one, they could win. But, besides that, Star Wars may be the champion in this clash. They are truly both unique in their own personal right, and .
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OP M0aHerder. Skip to main content. Star Wars That Would win? The point of this thread isn’t to compare the whole Halo universe as well as the whole Star Wars universe.

Needless to say you are a lot more than welcome to compare both universes inside their entirey, however the main function would be to compare particular areas of each universe. I’ve seen a couple of threads discussing this subject, in a more limited form, lately, so I thought I would make one master bond so we do not end up getting a number of smaller ones. Show More Show Less. I will get us begun. I do believe it will be an exceptionally close match-up, but Star Wars would probably eventually win.

Considering that the UNSC utilizes kinetic rounds, they’dn’t have to worry about shields. The shields that Star Wars ships use allow mostly everything real to endure them, therefore why a set of proton torpedoes could actually destroy the Death Star. Unfortunately, the firepower that Star Wars boats have would likely ultimately overwhelm the Halo vessels. So far as surface battles get, that could get in any event.

Clone trooper armor could probably deflect UNSC rounds, so long as it is not a relatively direct hit. Star Wars may possibly win though, seeing as obtained more complex tanks. Needless to say, the Covenant could always glass them. Halo, cause forerunners. They certainly were stronger and various during the apex of these empire than anyone in star-wars.

The covenant could probably overcome them as well, their ships are larger, quicker and much more effective than most vessels i star-wars. I am also going to dismiss the supposed “all powerful” weapons, armor, and sheilding in star-wars simply because they never prove all of them all also effective in almost any of this flicks or television.

I am talking about they need a section the dimensions of a moon to destroy a planet. UNSC could accomplish that making use of their orbital systems. The standard clone troopers’ standard problem rifles at full-power can blow through a meter of cement in a single shot while sacrificing the ability down to 15 shots per electric battery.

Enough said. Combine that because of the Military might of the covenant they are able to easily blast through the Star Wars army. Hunters laugh at bullets and plasma round and certainly will shrug associated with grenades the violent storm troopers will chuck at them.

Such as the shields every spartan, elite, and brute. Those 3 units can survive a grenade storm troopers they will die, but the Jedi’s power is likely to be a challenge but I’m pretty sure an energy blade will fix that issue.

Regardless of if the Jedi brake system the power sword it’s nevertheless gonna kill people because now the area that holds the plasma stable is finished and therefore broke tool is hay wire now harming everything too near to it. An ground battles pfff Mantis, Longsword, Seraph, and Scarab ’nuff said. Near a Covenant controlled planet: Halo Faction will certainly will win against the Star Wars Faction Reason: Covenant have teleportation structures on earth and possibly have guarded perfectly.

In space away from planets: Goes in either case dependent on if John is not here. Reason: Nothing. Reason: they could box the Halo Faction if they are able to phone reinforcements. Reason: Forerunners was the absolute most powerful race, Precursors might of have inter-galactic traveling capabilities, flooding will consume the poor armor associated with the sentient beings associated with Star Wars Faction.

I understand I missed a reasonable number of battle situations but I ran away from time so do not comment about this issue. NOVA Bombs. I am confident Covenant Carriers, with regards to the type, severely outclass a few of the Republic’s Smaller cruisers.

Oh, nearly forgot. That’s a significant benefit, considering it implements huge levels of Forerunner Technology, features a crazy number of shields and will cut clean through Covenant Ships with convenience. You ask this question while stripping most of the energy from the Star Wars side, The Republic ended up being an enormous governmental entity but the majority planets and species had almost no in the way of organized military untill the clone conflicts as well as the rebellion ended up being nothing but a ragtag group scavenging whatever sources they might get a hold of.

The Empire or the Sith empire would make for a more even match due to its attention to armed forces units, the Empire had At-At , At-st the mantis first when it comes to uninitiated , Star Destroyer Fleets and Fleets of Frigates and Blockade runners and Hyperspace interdictors plus the record continues and on. Oh and lets keep in mind two area stations that may travel through hyperspace and destroy a planet with a single chance.

Precursors versus Start Wars You guys do not know the power of Star Wars. You underestimate them. Asymmetric warfare for UNSC, regular warfare when it comes to forerunners. One does not just destroy something that is certainly not around in regular area. The size shadow from trevelyan should be enough to majorly block hyperspace I’d guess.

Huragoks could attempt to reverse engineer imperial innovation. However it can only be performed through asymmetric warfare, in person, UNSC is severely outmatched, outgunned, outmanned. You need to accept products into account, one thing halo has in shield world particularly when had been talking post war as you say, when mankind features just been massacred virtually to extinction by over 25 several years of intense war.

But eventually Star Wars still wins. Now, I’m in no way a difficult core Star Wars fan, but from the things I do know for sure in regards to the world, their particular hyperspace innovation, starship tech, Jedis, the force, etc, sets them a peg above the Covenant.

I mean, simply considering Jedis, they’re such as the Spartans of Star Wars, except at that time associated with the Republic there were much more of those. Now, if were chatting Star Wars vs Forerunners, then its a complete roflstomp win for the Forerunners. Even without the Halo rings. Even though you give Star conflicts the Empire they still get owned. The Republic is a highly advanced galaxy-wide state. Star Wars, and i am talking about the Empire by themselves would win.

The Death Star would obliterate their particular planet’s in moments and also the stragglers will be damaged or grabbed because of the Empire’ fleet. Really the only reason the Rebellion won in the first place had been due to the power and chance. Humanity is with a lack of the Force. The weapons in star conflicts take par with the Spartan Laser. Basically any battleship course ship wouldn’t normally fair much better than every other star conflicts battle cruiser so the fight vessels would be generally equal, but bullets aren’t found in the star conflicts universe, and letting real items through is a star wars battleship weakness.

The AI when you look at the Star conflicts universe is downright atrocious when compared to a number of their technologies.

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