Nikon coolpix w300 manual

Nikon coolpix w300 manual


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Concerning the Nikon Coolpix W see the manual for the Nikon Coolpix W here, for free. This manual comes beneath the category Digital cameras and contains been ranked by 1 people who have an average of a This manual comes in listed here languages: Engels%(1). Feb 15,  · Manuals for Nikon items/ /02/15/ Ver Manual Viewer 2 The Nikon Manual Viewer 2 software for iPhones, iPads, ipod itouch, and Android devices can be used to download the manuals for Nikon digital SLR cameras and view them offline. Summary of articles for Nikon COOLPIX W webpage 1 CAMERA Reference Manual Read this manual carefully before with the camera. To make sure proper use of the digital camera, make sure you read “For Your Security” (page vi) and “ Notes About Shockproof, Waterproof, and Dustproof Performance and Condensation” (web page ix).


Nikon coolpix w300 manual.NIKON COOLPIX W REFERENCE MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib

About the Nikon Coolpix W View the manual for the Nikon Coolpix W here, for free. This manual comes beneath the category cameras and contains already been ranked by 1 people with on average a This manual comes in the following languages: Engels%(1). Feb 15,  · Manuals for Nikon services and products/ /02/15/ Ver Manual Viewer 2 The Nikon Manual Viewer 2 software for iPhones, iPads, ipod itouch, and Android products can be used to down load the manuals for Nikon digital SLR cameras and view them offline. Overview of items for Nikon COOLPIX W webpage 1 CAMERA Reference Manual Read this manual completely before using the digital camera. To ensure appropriate utilization of the camera, make sure you read “For Your Security” (page vi) and “ Notes About Shockproof, Waterproof, and Dustproof Performance and Condensation” (page ix).
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Also See for coolpix W Reference manual – pages. Quick Hyperlinks. See also: Research Manual. Dining table of items. Parts of the Camera.

Getting Started. Basic Shooting and Playback Operations. Various Other Features. Specialized Notes. Check this out manual thoroughly before utilising the camera. To make certain proper utilization of the camera, make sure to read “For. Your Safety” page vi and ” Notes regarding. Shockproof, Waterproof, and Dustproof Efficiency and. After reading this manual, ensure that it it is in a readily accessible. Previous Webpage. Following Page. Nikon owner’s manual digital digital camera coolpix l2, coolpix l3 pages. Webpage 3: Confirming The Package Contents guaranteeing the bundle Contents In the event that any products are missing, please contact the shop in which you purchased the digital camera.

Page 4: Information And Precautions Before taking photographs on crucial occasions such as at weddings or before you take the digital camera on a journey , just take a test shot to ensure the camera is operating typically. Nikon will not be held accountable for damages or lost profits which could derive from item malfunction. Webpage 5: Conformity Marking Care should be taken up to avoid damage or problems for residential property when actually destroying memory cards.

To erase the log data that is acquired but not stored on the memory, select generate log M End all logs M Erase logs. Keep these safety instructions where all those who make use of this product will read them. Page 7 Keep this product away from reach of kids. Failure to see or watch this precaution could result in damage or item breakdown.

Plus, note that small components constitute a choking threat. Should a child swallow any section of the product, seek immediate medical attention. Page 8 usually do not leave the product where it will likely be confronted with incredibly high temperatures, for an extended period such in a specific car or perhaps in sunlight. Failure to see this safety measure could result in fire or product malfunction.

Webpage 10 Notes About Shockproof, Waterproof, and Dustproof Performance usually do not drop the camera, strike it against a difficult item such as for instance a rock, or toss it against a liquid area. Do not matter the digital camera to surprise when utilizing it underwater. Eliminate the camera strap for land use.

Page 12 If the digital camera is subjected to surprise, it is strongly recommended to consult your merchant or Nikon-authorized service representative to ensure the waterproof performance charged service.

If the waterproof packing starts to deteriorate, consult your retailer or Nikon- authorized service representative. The waterproof performance of this waterproof packing may turn to decline after a year. Starting out Page Removing The power Or Memory Card Formatting a Memory Card the 1st time you place a memory card that’s been utilized in another product into this digital camera, be sure to format it with this specific camera.

Keep in mind that formatting a memory card permanently deletes all images and other information on the storage device. Once the two are linked, trying to forcibly remove the connect adapter could harm the merchandise. Check out the form and way associated with the plugs plus don’t place or take away the plugs at an angle. Use the multi selector to choose and adjust options. On / off switch Multi selector Left Appropriate k button apply selection Down d button A language selection display are going to be shown. Use Language the multi selector HI to emphasize a language and press the k key to select.

Page 20 emphasize your property time area and London, Casablanca press the k option. It is possible to set daylight-saving time by pressing H. When it is switched on, the time clock is set one hour quicker and W is shown above the chart. Press I to show it well. In o scene car selector mode, the camera acknowledges the shooting problems whenever you framework a photo, and you can take photographs relative to the conditions.

Hold the digital camera regular. Page 22 When the digital camera recognizes the shooting Shooting mode icon conditions, the shooting mode symbol modifications correctly. Battery level signal b: The battery degree is high.

B: The battery amount is low. Page Recording Movies The Auto Off Function When no functions are done for around one minute, the display converts down, the camera goes into standby mode, after which the power-on lamp flashes. The camera transforms down after staying in standby mode for around three full minutes. To turn the screen back on whilst the camera is in standby mode, perform an operation such pushing the power switch or shutter-release switch.

In the event that you press and hold-down the c switch whilst the digital camera is switched off, the digital camera turns on in playback mode. Make use of the multi selector to choose a picture to produce. Webpage Deleting Images Deleting Images Press the l delete switch to delete the picture currently shown from the display screen. Utilize the multi selector HI to pick the desired removal method and press the erase k button. Current image To leave without deleting, press the d key.

Erase selected pictures All images choose indeed and push the k switch. Page Playback Mode Action Control The operations described below can be executed by shaking the digital camera. Webpage 28 Help show The descriptions of functions are exhibited while changing the shooting mode or while the environment screen is exhibited. It’s possible to show or conceal the information utilizing Help display in observe options in the setup selection.

Establishing Shooting Functions because of the Multi Selector once the shooting display is displayed, it’s possible to press the multi selector H m J n I p K o setting the functions explained below. Page 29 Operations Available with Location Data Functions When Use built-in location information in place information choices in the z location information options menu A19 is set to On, the camera starts receiving indicators through the positioning satellites.

Location data reception can be inspected in the shooting 1 5 m-1 5 m screen. When Display POI within the place data options menu is scheduled to On whilst the camera is positioning, the closest place name information for the webpage Menu Operations Menu Operations It’s possible to set the menus given just below by pushing the d menu button. Menu icons and available setting options differ depending on the shooting mode. Webpage 32 Select a menu choice and press the k switch.

Time zone and time Monitor settings Certain menu choices can not be Date stamp set depending on the existing Photo VR shooting mode or perhaps the condition of this AF assist digital camera. Digital zoom Select a setting and press date-stamp the k option. This expression shows that electrical and digital equipment is usually to be collected separately. The following apply only to users in europe: This product is designated for separate collection at an appropriate collection point.

Nikon does not take responsibility for use far away. Users who’re unsure regarding the original country of sale should talk to their local Nikon service center or Nikon-authorized service representative. Don’t use this digital camera as a navigation unit or calculating instrument. Use information such as for instance way, altitude and liquid level measured by the digital camera as a guideline just. Page battery pack If you notice any abnormalities such as for example extortionate temperature, smoke, or an unusual scent from the battery, immediately discontinue use and check with your retailer or Nikon- authorized service representative.

After eliminating the battery pack from the camera or recommended battery charger, put the battery in a synthetic case, etc. Page The Charging Ac Adapter charging you an Exhausted Battery Turning the digital camera on or off while an exhausted battery is placed within the camera may lead to decreased battery life.

Charge the fatigued battery before use. Saving the Battery Constantly take away the battery pack from the digital camera or recommended battery pack charger when it’s not-being used. Webpage cleansing And storing cleansing and Storage Cleaning After with the Camera Underwater Proceed with the procedure below to rinse the camera with fresh-water within 60 mins after utilizing it underwater or during the beach. Page Troubleshooting Troubleshooting If the camera fails to work as expected, check the list of common issues below before consulting your store or Nikon-authorized service representative.

Page 44 All other trade brands mentioned in this manual or the different documents provided with your Nikon product are the trademarks or signed up trademarks of their respective holders. Department of Commerce. To the degree that any such export legislation, rules or laws prohibit Nikon and its licensors from complying with any one of its obligations hereunder to produce or distribute Data, such failure will be excused and shall perhaps not constitute a breach with this Agreement.

Webpage 47 Government End Users. If the Data supplied by Let me reveal being acquired by or with respect to the United States government or other entity looking for or applying legal rights comparable to those customarily reported by the united states of america federal government, the Data is a “commercial item” as that term is defined at 48 C. webpage 50 Nikon Europe B. Nikon reserves the right at its only discretion to change or fix the product. This manual can also be suited to: Coolpix w Print page 1 Print document 52 pages.

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