P6x58-e ws

P6x58-e ws


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Purchase ASUS P6XE WS LGA Intel X58 SATA 6Gb/s USB ATX Intel Motherboard with quick delivery and top-rated client service. Newegg shopping upgraded ™4/5(23). P6XE WS. Overview; Specifications; Gallery; News & Award; help; Success tales; Where to buy; Print. Model Quantity: N50 > Central Processing Unit. Intel® Socket Core™ i7 Processor Extreme Edition/Core™ i7 Processor/ Intel® Xeon® W// Series Intel® Xeon® X/ Series Category: Intel-Platform. P6XE WS. Get A Hold Of Another Model. Get Product Support. Register Item. CPU / Memory Support. Driver & Utility.


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P6XE WS. Find another model. Get Product Help. Register Product. CPU / Memory Support. Driver & Tools. ASUS P6XE WS – motherboard – ATX – LGA Socket – X58 overview and full item specs on CNET. P6XE WS. Overview; Specifications; Gallery; News & Award; Support; Success Stories; Where buying; Print. Model Quantity: N50 > Central Processing Unit. Intel® Socket Core™ i7 Processor Extreme Edition/Core™ i7 Processor/ Intel® Xeon® W// Series Intel® Xeon® X/ Series Category: Intel-Platform.
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Make informed decisions with qualified advice. Discover More. Positives: Overclocks easy. Overall Review: back at my first start I had xeon Central Processing Unit and 12 gigs of kinston ecc memory in 6 slot machines everything worked first push associated with the option. Benching it showed up faster and slower then an eqwil. Then I noticed bios set memory volt to 1. To place it short do not trust the bios setting things up for your needs, after changing bios options and fine tuning the benchmarks tripled also switching to gskill memory also upped the benchmarks.

Maybe not a negative board, not the very best. Have not attempted to overclock, and don’t plan on it. Disadvantages: just recognizes 2 of my 3 sticks of memory. Reinstalled Win 7. Still doesn’t recognize all three sticks 2GB x 3.

BIOS needs work to improve memory compatability? It’s only their second version of this BIOS for this board I don’t wish to have to achieve that.

If they give me personally any grief, i shall perhaps not be happy. I will update the product review web page with my knowledge. Cons: Freezes on post I have to pull power connect, press energy key. This permits it to boot normally but i loose date and time, the others of my bios setting stay undamaged.

I have two crossfire msi twin frozr. I removed the reduced card therefore I could install the diagnostic card that is included with the P6XE ws.

Same problem freezes on post after memory matter. Diagnostic card reports 3c? Absolutely nothing in motherboard manual or Asus’s website relating to this code. Pull power plug, press power button then resume. Use jumper to reset bios same issue. The board came with the latest bios. Bios battery voltage is 3. Final test–swap my galaxy evo watt power with a pc power and cooling silencer Overall Review: Same problem freezes on post after shutting down not restarting only shutting down.

There’s nothing overclocked everything has reached stock speeds. There are diagnostic lights from the MB do not require stay lit. Another reviewer on New Eggs site had a simaliar issue. I guess this board needs to return back phoning Newegg now. Pros: It works; with motherboards this is certainly constantly initial sigh of relief. Kind overclocking. Small variations: I love the fast connect for system panel contacts – how doesn’t every person do that? GP Diagnosis card: plugs into the TPM slot and outputs diagnostics – did not want it fortunately but quite cool.

Cons: The built in utilities age. Becoming fair which is Win 8 x64 but I believe it’s the exact same for Win 7 x64 also but I could be incorrect. For this reason I offered it 4 stars, but I’m also conservative since it’s brand-new.

I give it’s forerunner P6T 4 performers too. I do believe that is good class. I really don’t take a liking to the SATA ports all facing correct rather than away; there is certainly probably a very good reason but it is a pain. Best workaround is to populate them in advance. You’ll notice there is certainly basically no Mobo Mfctr that gets 5 star ratings And I think an acceptable portion of problems is end-user associated. However the stories are perfect.

Benefits: i prefer the layout of this board. I like the dual lan ports. I love the diagnostic component using the fault L. It’s two 6gps sata ports, unfortunately the’re by Marvell nonetheless they work nicely adequate for my purposes. Overall It’s a nice board, but After pushing the reset and power switches numerous times plus the same task will continue to happen, I finally identified I need to turn associated with the power-supply, switch it back on, push the power on switch, enter bios, reset every thing even if loading the standard setup , then reboot.

Only then was I in a position to enter Windows 7. The freezing occurs before I am able to enter the bios, in addition. I must try this everytime I start the pc. I really don’t want to leave it running 24 hours a day in order to prevent needing to undergo this program.

I would like to switch on my pc without this trouble. Overall Review: I took off one egg when it comes to issue I stated above. I shot to popularity another egg for not able to overclock this motherboard past 3.

When I attempted to overclock past that point the computer froze in P. But there was clearly absolutely nothing I could do to get into Windows from the period. I became popular another egg for not capable of getting my ram to run at it’s rated speed of MHz. I attempted XMP, D. The computer wouldn’t get past the P. that is why I provided two eggs as opposed to one. But needing to go through the ritual of switching off then from the power, running from the system, so it would I would ike to into the bios where I had to reset everything including date and time, then restart to enter windows, was too much of a hassle for me personally.

Pros: Have had this for over a year now and have yet having it freeze as soon as. No blue screens. Reliable. Have ran Photoshop CS 4 with more than 20 gig of used ram with a large number of pictures. Illustrator, Chrome with 2 dozen windows 5 downloads, MS Excel with a dozen sheets, iTunes playing songs and playing Skyrim with mods.

Makes contacts there difficult. Use right direction cables makes this a breeze to have past. Overall Review: SSD is a little small on my system with all the apps so would recommend with all the above system to go with a SSD and also you would be golden.

All is really. I was in a jam and purchased this board as a result of low-cost v high features. Benefits: very nice board. Sold by: Newegg Shipped by Newegg. This item is rented out already plus it may or might not be restocked. Out of Stock. Add To Want Checklist. Are you an E-Blast Insider? Get Educated. Close double mouse click image to zoom in.

Eggxpert Review. Do you? Indeed No. Jeff N. Verified Owner. Maker Response:. Positives: Post card diagnostic Cons: Freezes on post i must pull power connect, press energy switch. Dear Valued Customer, We apologize for the problem you’d with the motherboard.

In the event that you still have the motherboard, be sure to contact me at cl-benson asus. Regards, Benson Asus Client Loyalty. Raul P. Dear Valued Customer, We apologize for the problems you’d utilizing the motherboard. If it will not resolve the matter, upgrade the BIOS into the latest variation.

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